Jacques Muron draws Palm trees, in the Pyrénées

Laure de Gramont, Paris Diary by Laure .com, Juillet 9, 2019

Paris Diary by Laure . com

Newsletter - 09/07/2019



I have often told you about this discrete gallery, Documents 15, on rue de l’Echaudé just behind Eglise Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Until the end of July, it is showing drawings and prints by Jacques Muron, a rare artist born in 1950, who works in the Pyrénées, south of Toulouse. Each work is original in its theme and incredibly well produced. The artist was a laureate of Prix de Rome and studied at Villa Medicis. He is a member of the Société française des peintres graveurs like Erik Desmazières.


In each piece, one finds a weird detail that excites the imagination and I particularly liked the distorted hairbrush called “Discipline”. We all have a special relationship to this object which we use daily to tame our hair. There, the artist tames the hairbrush with fantastic talent.


His most sold and famous burin is “Mask” a very cleverly knit etching. All prints sell for under 500€ and drawings range from 1 200€ to 2 200€.

Galerie Documents 15, 15 rue de l’Echaudé, until July 27