Marjan Seyedin Franco-Iranian, b. 1979

Marjan Seyedin is an Iranian artist born in 1979, who lives and works in Paris, where she practices printmaking and drawing. Her prints, mostly monochrome portraits of animals, have been awarded with several prizes in France.

After obtaining a master's degree in graphic design at Tehran's Azad University, Marjan Seyedin moved to France in 2003. Graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, she obtained her PhD in Plastic Arts in 2017, at Strasbourg's Marc Bloc University.


She has taken part in three artistic residencies: the Dufraine Foundation (French Vexin), thanks to a scholarship from the Academy of Fine Arts, in China at the Guanlan Printmaking base, and then in Spain, at the Casa de Velázquez - French Academy in Madrid, in 2015-2016.

Marjan's work was awarded with the 2007 Grav'x prize in Paris, as well as the 2010 Pierre Cardin prize of the Academy of Fine Arts.
She also took part in several solo and group exhibitions in France, Iran and the United States. After a solo exhibition in 2017 at the Shirin Gallery, Tehran (Iran), Marjan Seyedin held her first solo exhibition in France in 2018 at the Galerie Documents 15, Paris.


In her works, the animal's presence is essential and relates to an allegorical and symbolic representation, in which the humankind is depicted through the animal, especially the owl, which symbolizes wisdom in Iran and is the guardian of the protective values. Marjan has a contemporary and poetic reinterpretation of classical engraving techniques, mostly etching, aquatint and drypoint. She is also working on a series of charcoal drawings depicting cloudy, almost stormy skies, making reference to the question of human beings and their place in society.