Martin Basdevant’s pastels at Documents 15

Laure de Gramont, Paris Diary by Laure . com, Juin 22, 2022

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Newsletter - 28/06/2022


Martin Basdevant’s pastels at Documents 15


As you know I have a weakness for the charming Documents 15 gallery which always shows interesting and often lesser known print artists. This week Martin Basdevant concentrates on multicolor mountains from Queyras in the Alps, where he spent his childhood and interiors in La Villette where he resides. Trained as an architect and formerly a garden designer, he uses pastel and charcoal for the works and his third exhibition at the gallery. The mountains are almost abstract while the interiors are structured with strong vertical and horizontal lines. A very fascinating work until July 23.


Galerie Documents 15 haș three artists represented in the magistral exhibition “Végétale” at Ecole des Beaux Arts and this is a sign of the quality and perseverance which the owners of the small space have put in their search for printers and drawers. With a frantic rhythm of a new show every two months, it manages to give the space to already famous or new artists.


The light and color shown in these works result from the magical use of pastel, in landscapes where skies are as important as the mountains. At first I was mostly impressed by Martin Basdevant’s mountains until I discovered his interiors which are fascinating in their simplicity and their structure. So as we say in French “mon coeur balance” my heart is torn.


Works sell for 800 € to 4 000 € at 15 rue de l’Echaudé, Paris 6. The gallery is open from 1 pm to 7 pm.