Here and elsewhere: Elena Prentice et Gustave de Staël

3 April - 10 May 2014

 Painting is the way to capture the world with the eye.


Nature, at its most elementary, is what inspires Elena.


Stones, puddles, reflections ... a breath of air blowing on water and sand.


For Gustave nature is also present, but rougher, more violent.


Elena observes her surroundings, up close and from afar.


Gustave looks intohimself, with detachment.


Elena, settled peacefully in her world, enjoys her dominion, the wind, sun and sea where the clay earth crackles in summer and melts in winter under the floods.


Gustave is on the move. Restless, he travels the jagged peaks, the shady valleys, the highest points and steep ravines under the command of his memories, real or fantasized


The works of Gustave and Elena are long-lasting. This is important, as our world, constantly interrupted by sms or email, no longer tells the long story.


You see a painting at the first glance, or you never see it.


Do not try to be clever.


Set free your sensory receptors.




Philippe Lorin