Charles-Élie Delprat French, b. 1987

Charles-Élie Delprat

Born on July 10, 1987 in Paris

Lives and works in Paris



Charles-Élie Delprat studied at the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture, where he learned drawing, painting and engraving with Jean-Baptiste Sécheret, Emmanuel Mentzel, and Simon Vignaud.


He learned a way to confront himself with reality. The understanding of the world, of its materiality, of its essence, is made by confronting it, face to face, on the subject as it is usual to say. In these conditions, the practice of drawing, painting and the creation of an etching allow us to free ourselves from trivia and to approach shyly the deep reality of things in the world.

After some time spent in an architectural office, and a degree in urban planning with the DSA in architecture and urban planning from the Marne-la-Vallée school of architecture and territories, Charles-Élie Delprat realised that the relationship to things was absolutely essential; this one being often lacking in the practice of architecture and urban planning, which sometimes focus too much on the world' s transformation without trying to face it, without any intellectual filter.


Charles-Élie Delprat now makes drawing, painting and printmaking his main activities.

Awarded first prize of the Pierre David-Weill Drawing Prize by the Academy of Fine Arts in 2014, he was subsequently resident at the prestigious Casa de Velázquez, Academy of France in Madrid, in 2015-2016.

For several years now, he is also teaching plastic art at the National Superior School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville.